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"Antibiotics are less effective" -- New England Journal of Medicine. (06/08)

Simple germs like Staphylococcus, or (staph infections) are no longer easily cured by prescribing penicillin or other antibiotics. Hospital infections kill more people in America than drunk drivers, AIDS, and Breast Cancer COMBINED. Drug companies are returning to natural herbs to fight off infection.

Researchers in the U.S. and U.K. agree, that natural herbs like Calendula, Comfrey, St. Johns Wort, and Plantain are the best way to stop pain, heal cuts and fight off infection. America's National Health Organization recommends using natural herbal remedies for infections when possible in place of prescription medication like Ampicillin. That natural antibiotic is available now, over the counter, without a prescription.    Introducing: Maximum Strength Neobiotic® Ointment.

Neobiotic® relieves pain - locks out germs & heals fast!

What is in Neobiotic® that makes it work so fast? Four very powerful herbs that have been used for centuries to heal animal bites, cuts, scratches, and burns. These herbs heal cuts and wounds so fast that Neobiotic® even reduces the chance of scarring!
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Natural Antibiotic

Neobiotic® Antibiotic Ointment
Large 30 ml. Jar
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Neobiotic® New Stretch Mark & Scar Repair!

Skin Repair by Mother Nature...

Stretch Mark Repair